Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kids rooms are a great place to push the boundaries of color and whimsical touches.
Painting an old bed with a new fresh color is a great way to bring new life and to personalize a room .
Check Craigslist and Kijiji for old pieces to re-paint , make sure they are sturdy and have a pretty shape for a girls room. Clean lined and sturdy for boys.
A small mural is a personal touch that any child would love.
Of course a canopy is always a welcome touch for a little girl.
Stripes is a great way to compromise , my child chose orange at the time , not being a big fan of an all orange room , I decided to temper it with the use of pink and orange , much easier to live with , we both got a choice that we could all live with .
Turns out it is one of my favorite wall finishes .
Try turquoise and white , pink and green , two shades of any color will do.
Whether just on a feature wall or all around the room it is a great treatment.

"your home should be your haven, a place of refuge that speaks to who you are "