Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Decorating outside the Box

I have gathered some very inspiring photos of special interiors, these home owners have thought outside the box , stepped away from safe and predictable decorating , I would encourage anyone else to do the same . Your home doesn't need to be just like your neighbours , neutral and safe , don't be afraid to take a chance its decorating , it should be fun and beautiful.
Add pattern to your walls , pops of colour can be fun when used sparingly .

photo source unkown ?
Mix things up . Bench seating with ladder back chairs as well as wicker , gorgeous , why should this look be saved for the cottage as some may think , why not the everyday house , why because it is unexpected ? well there is an even better reason to go ahead with it .

Think outside the box for everyday surfaces , why not warm wood counters instead of plastic .

Say no to hoo humm , look what colour has done for this kitchen and painting black diamonds on the floor , well why not ? Look at all the details , the backsplash is beadboard railroaded , they added chunky brackets to the upper cabinets , the kick plates have a furniture feel , all of these things are easy to do , you just have to take the time to think beyond the norm .

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The impact of classic trim work

I wanted to show you just what a big difference upgrading your trim work can make , this classic look was achieved by using inexpensive MDF and small amount of trim work .

You will see here the scale of the door on the left is skinny and doesn't have a presence .

Decorating can be adding decorative elements to a space , but I am a big believer in making a lasting impression on a house , when the rooms are empty they should still be beautiful because the details were paid attention to and then leaves a home forever changed and improved , you will feel it too .

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Update ,
I have adjusted my prices to be in Canadian Funds , so for you American purchasers this is an even greater deal and design plans will now cost you less.
Chris Kauffman

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Price adjustment

I just wanted to mention that I have decided according to the work involved that my multi room plan will include two room not three , I have seen other on-line consults for as much as $500.00 per room so I think my pricing is still quite a bargain at$75.00 for two rooms or $45.00 for one room .
Thanks Chris K

Sharing in progress

I like to start with an Inspirational mood board ,as it is a great jumping off point.

A new lovely traditional fixture for the dining room instantly updates this dining room , and a wonderful soothing creamy shade was used to warm up the dining rooms walls , don't the doors and trim work just sing ?

I wanted to share with you this make over in progress , a while back I was hired to help a lovely lady update her living and dining room . How I love those little bunnies , I have a bunny thing too .
I came up with a plan that can be accomplished over time and I can see someone has been hard at work.

A fresh splash of blue breathes new life into a classically beautiful home. Look at those newly finished floors , gorgeous , really well done.
I can not wait to see more , but I know it all comes in good time.

It is a real pleasure to work with hard working inspired people , thank you for the opportunity.
Working with a decorator doesn't mean you have to do everything that is suggested , but it should set you on a path with a goal with a vision and the process should inspire you to make worthy changes in your home .
Thank you for sharing.
Chris Kauffman
"your home should be your haven, a place of refuge that speaks to who you are "