Sunday, September 2, 2007

Gallery of work.

The stairs were painted out in two shades of grey instead of the usual black and white.

In the family room new floors were installed , I added panel mouldings, and tiled the fireplace surround and hearth.

Dining room I added recessed paneling.

I built this island ,added additional lighting, and tiled the backsplash with feature insets.

This is a custom computer station handy in the kitchen. Built out the window ledge in the living room, with beadboard and trim work.

I added panel moulding to the stairs to give it a built in look and added to the houses character.
Bold colours and fun touches make a childs room a happy place to be.
All these projects I have tackled on my own, I thoroughly enjoy taking the ordinary and making it into the extraordinary.
I hope you enjoy, my labours of love.


restyled home said...

Good for you!! You are finally, officially doing what you were meant to do...and going to be paid for it!! Best of luck!! I wish you much success!!!!!!


Meredith said...

I just happened upon your blog.. You are my kind of girl. We have very similiar style :) We just added molding to a few parts of our house and I love it. I have been putting off the task of painting my hardwood stairs for two years. Can you tell me what type of paint you used and if you painted the treads and the risers? Great job, love your blog :)

brendanjillian said...

Your home is absolutely beautiful. Any chance you will share some of your instructions for these projects. I am really motivated by all that you accomplished on your own. I would love to know how you made that kitchen island. Also, any before pictures of the kitchen. Thanks so much, glad I found your blog. Have a great day!! Vicki

brendanjillian said...

Your home is beautiful. I love the kitchen and that great island. Any chance you would show some more photos and give instructions on how it was build? I would love to see some before photos of the kitchen also. You have inspired me to take out a hammer!!! Thanks, Vicki

Bhavna said...

the family room is just perfect!

Anonymous said...

Hoping you can help...we're looking to add some lighting above our island...found some "school house" lights at Home Depot for $49.... look similar to what you have. Our island is approx 6' long x 3' wide. How far apart and how low would you recommend??

The wiring is going in this weekend!


much luck in your new adventure! I would love to do what you are doing...but I am a big chicken!

vintagefb said...

I love your home (and your blog)...can you tell me the paint color in your kitchen/family room? You have truly inspired me to get busy on my house. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us.

I LOVE YOU said...


I LOVE YOU said...


job said...


"your home should be your haven, a place of refuge that speaks to who you are "