Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I recently added a stenciled wall to this room, it looks like wall paper, this is also a new bunk bed that makes great use of space and provides lots of room for sleep overs, it will soon be painted white and I will show you that transformation as soon as it happens.
This a a new transormation for this little jam cupboard, if it had remained its origional clor of burgandy I am sure it would have ended up in the basement with all the other unloved relecks, but a simple coat of paint and some careful distressing can breath new life into an old piece, never be afraid to paint a piece, it is after all just paint, or better yet have someone else do the job for you.
When storage is needed sometimes the best option is a custom piece , if I had tried to find a slim shelf to mount and narrow enough for a tight space I would have been hard pressed , so I opted to build this one myself.
This little floating shelf is a perfect spot for pretty things, and add some style to an other wise plain wall.

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