Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kitchen before and after

I think these photos speak for themselves , a lot has changes and now I have my dream kitchen .I suppose I should elaborate on the changes here . The cupboards are standard builder oak cabinets , I don't like wood toned cabinets , I love white and painted cupboards , I could have opted for white plastic but that would not be something I could be happy with , why couldn't I paint the wood well I could and I have many many times, it takes well to paint and wears quite fine , it may need to be touched up at times but not often, every few years or so . Adding a backsplash is a must , whether it is tile or glass or beadboard or those great tin ceiling tiles it is much easier to clean than painted wall, the nice surprise I got was the added reflection that my subway tile added , & texture, and it cleans so well, I wanted to do blue glass tile but I went with the classic white subway , which never goes out of style , I also love the tiny version of the subway , very appealing. I designed and built an island in place of the table, this is a great option for a family on the go and for homes with young children as meals tend to be very casual, like at my house , for family times we have a dining room and there is always eating out , which I love , no cooking and no dishes. The island has doubled the storage , it is my pantry , as I don't have one nor do I have room for one , now I don't need one. We only used one trade here that was an electrician , they moved the junction box and added one so that I could have these school house lights I have always wanted , I believe it is important to always find affordable options before over spending , for instance the lights , I could have easily spent $150.00 for each fixture , yet I found them for $50.00 each , it can be done , I am always on the look out for a great deal , that way there is money left to get the full job done whether all at once or a little at a time. These are both options working with me , we can start with a design plan and get it done in a timely manner or take our time and work at it as the budget allows.
Hope you enjoyed my kitchen transformation.

Before back in 2003.


jnifferjuniper said...

it is amazing how much bigger the 'after' kitchen looks!
wonderful redo.

Natalie said...

absolutely beautiful - I am LOVING your island!!

High on Hairspray said...

Where did you find the lights?

Southern Mom said...

Looks wonderful! Where did you find the lights and the bunk beds in the other post?

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