Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pine flooring

Not too many modern day house have pine flooring , however this was used for hundreds of years , it is a charming feature in century old homes ,they were often used on the upper floors , modern wood floors have turned into a very pricey option from $2.50 sq ft to $10.00 s ft plus installation, it is an investment. We no longer cover up wood floors we install them where ever we can , they are beautiful who can doubt that ? I have wood floors throughout my main floor however the upstairs was all carpeting , which I did not like and still do not like and will change out as I get around to it . I decided to think outside the box for my landing , so I installed pine flooring . A very affordable option , if you like a rustic floor which I do .
This is before I finished it with a dark stain , looks very pretty , but I prefer the dark wood .

Here is the before , you can see why I needed to change it , it looks pink although it was oatmeal , and most of the time it does look beigeish for the most part , it was a happy day when I ripped it up .You can also see how tiny the casings were which I replaced with a 5 inch baseboard.
Just in case you are not familiar with my or my work , I do this work for myself , and I love to do it .


Linda Lou said...

Chris, I installed distressed dark floors throughout my 1st floor-what do you do when you get a gouge, nick, big scratch?? Do you use one of those marker fillers-i know its just a floor, but after spending $$$ I want them to look semi-nice, also what do you suggest for cleaning them?

Joy said...

I've been wanting to do this. Did you just put down the pine planks, or did you plane or sand them first. And since it's pine, which is a soft wood, how does it wear? Does it scratch or dent or nick easily?
What width of pine board did you use?

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