Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My beachy style

My beachy style


Federica said...

beautiful house, beautiful interiors, beautiful colours.. so inspiring! I LOVE your blog and your style!!!

hugs federica

Mary Ruth said...

I have just recently discovered your blog. I found it through a post someone did on HGTV message boards.

You are very creative and one thing I noticed is that you know scale. Your projects and fabric choices show your sense of proportion. I like Sarah Richardson's show and her color schemes are wonderful. I think beach type decor is airy and fresh. I live in Florida now and am redoing my house. I had a blog, did not do much on there for a while (health reasons). I am getting back into journaling, so I am glad I found your blog for motivation.

You have a beautiful home with fantastic upgrades. Your handiwork is to be admired. Love your new house, it will be great. I know with each project you will become more and more proficient at creating integrated interiors.

Zane Wooder said...

Love how the place makes you feel like your at the beach or at the very least at the lake.

-Zane of ontario honey

"your home should be your haven, a place of refuge that speaks to who you are "